Optimal laboratory services started in 2015; it has grown by leaps and bounds providing quality and healthy clients to OPTIMAL MANPOWER PLACEMENT.
We maintain a well-qualified dynamic team keeping up with labour export health requirements. Our ultimate aim is supplying better and healthy candidates to the countries of employment and ensuring better health standards for all citizens in Uganda.
In today’s world, health is the main and most expensive element to be taken care of. Optimal Laboratory Services has come with a solution to the health measure. You needn’t stress yourself; we are everywhere you want us to be; in schools, field and in your homes. We would highly appreciate if you consider Optimal Laboratory Services as your number one health provider.

To offer integrated, best quality services enabling us to become the first choice in the health sector.
More so, to be a reliable partner in our sphere of work through valued, compelling relationships with our clients. To ensure the good health of school children, pregnant mothers, young children, fathers and mothers.

To grow beyond our horizon of goals and innovate continuously in order to become a hallmark of a dynamic organization, responding to our clients’ health needs easily.

First aid kit-(10pcs/set), portable medical emergency kit bag for home, office, boat and travels, easy to carry and can be used in the day to day life of the family. It’s also a safety guarantee for outdoor sports.

-    Portable and practical
-    Durable: the rescue bag contains a complete emergency kit in a durable zipper pouch.
-    High quality: It’s made of a high-quality nylon bag with PVC inside, water resistant, great for long time use.

List of tests performed at the laboratory 
1.    Malaria 
       o    RDT(Rapid Diagnostic Test)
       o    Blood Slide (Microscopy for hemo-parasites )
2.    HIV test
       o    Rapid tests
       o    HIV Elisa
3.    Syphilis test (TPHA)
4.    Hepatitis B test(HBsAG)
5.    Hepatitis C rapid test
6.    Helicobacter pylori AB test
7.    Helicobacter pylori AG test
8.    Faecal Occult Blood test (FOB)
9.    Rotavirus rapid test
10.    ABO Blood Grouping and Rhesus D
11.    Pregnancy test (HCG)
12.    Rheumatoid arthritis test (RH)
13.    Cryptococcus antigen(serum, CrAg)
14.    Toxoplasma Gondi rapid test (toxo)
15.    Random blood sugar(RBS)
16.    Typhoid test (widal)
17.    Brucella agglutination test(BAT)
18.    Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ERS)
19.    Haemoglobin estimation test(HB)
20.    Urinalysis
21.    Stool analysis
22.    Culture and sensitivity for
         o    Blood
         o    Urine
         o    Stool
         o    Swabs from different body sites
23.    CBC
24.    HB electrophoresis
25.    LFTs
26.    RFTs